Ashhurst Domain wedding venue plans to be put to the public

2019-06-11 09:58:37

The views of Ashhurst Domain users and campers, and the general public, are wanted to help officials decide whether a wedding venue should be set up there.

The proposal from Glasshouse Events would create a place to hold weddings and functions in a natural setting, an option director Kelly Melody said was in short supply in Manawatū.

The venue would be based around the existing cafe building, converted to a commercial kitchen, with a semi-permanent marquee set up and two containers fitted out as bar and storage facilities.

Palmerston North City Council parks and reserves manager Kathy Dever-Tod said making a decision on whether to lease land for the commercial operation was difficult, as it was something not contemplated in the domain's management plan.

"What we are missing are the public's views."

She said the council should consult widely to check if there was community support and seek the views of campers at the increasingly popular camp ground, who would inevitably be disturbed by evening celebrations.

The council would contact the Motorhome Association and other groups whose members often used the campground to locate people from out of town who would be affected.

Although the see-through building was designed to sit lightly on the landscape, attracting large groups to events would have an effect on the nature of the domain.

The consultation would wrap up in early August.

Dever-Tod said if the public's views were that the centre would create more negative effects than benefits, the council would need to call the whole thing off at that stage rather than continue the complex process for approving a lease of reserve land.

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