Miracle comeback for Canberra's Kiwi back after hyper-extending knee
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2019-04-23 20:51:35

Warriors discard Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad is on the brink of a miracle return to the Raiders after badly hyper-extending his knee last weekend.

The 23-year-old has been named at fullback for the Raiders visit to the Manly Sea Eagles on Sunday - just seven days after injuring his knee in Brisbane.

Nicoll-Klokstad went down in an ugly collision 90 seconds before halftime during Canberra's 26-22 victory over the Brisbane Broncos last Sunday.

The impact prompted Channel Nine television commentator Phil Gould to exclaim: "Your knee is not meant to bend that way."

But Nicoll-Klokstad told reporters in Canberra on Tuesday that he was confident of backing up against Manly.

"I went for scans for peace of mind ... structurally there's nothing wrong with it, it's just a matter of how much soreness I can run with," Nicoll-Klokstad said on NRL.com.

"It's actually pretty good. I iced as best as I could the last few days and I'll continue to do that and I'll be doing everything outside of training to get my best opportunity to play."

"I'm pretty confident I'll be playing. It's getting better every day and I was able to do squats and lunges today so it's good.

"I was quite surprised I was able to do lunges and squats. I've got light run tomorrow with the boys and pick up on Thursday."

Nicoll-Klokstad's bounceback did not surprise Raiders team-mate Nick Cotric, who told NRL.com the Kiwi was "a tough little bugger and he's been playing so well, so for him to keep going on the weekend it was a fair effort from him".

"I wasn't too sure what was wrong with him. It looked pretty bad when he hit his knee and I all I was thinking was 'oh no I hope he stays on'. But it was good he was tough and kept fighting on."

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