One dead, nine injured after bus and car collide in Auckland

2019-01-12 05:05:12

A young man is dead and another person is critically injured after a car is understood to have crashed into a bus in cental Auckland.

Police said speed was "definitely" a factor, as well as being on the wrong side of the road.

"If you're going too fast you won't survive," senior police Sergeant Matt Rogers said.

He said it was believed the driver of the car, aged in his 20s, sped onto the opposite side of the road and hit the bus.

Emergency services were called to Gowing Drive in Meadowbank after the crash, which happened at around 11.30am on Saturday.

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The man's family has been informed of his death and friends arrived at the scene to help officers identify him.

Others were also injured in the collision, and two were trapped, but details of how many and the extent of their injuries were unclear.

A mother looking after a group of children, three of which were her own, was praised by paramedics for keeping the children safe during and in the moments following the crash.

Intensive care paramedic Chris Deacon said she protected her child, whom she was holding, with her arm.

"I imagine she just turned sideways and took the brunt of the impact on her arm."

He credited her for the children's behaviour after the accident.

"She was a calm person herself and in her demeanour. I think the children followed suit."

Bronwyn Walker-Randall had just pulled into her driveway when she saw the crash in her rear view mirror and dialled 111.

After a small fire in the car's engine was extinguished, three men rushed to the driver's aid.

Meanwhile, the buses occupants, including children and babies, had come out on to the road and the bus driver appeared shaken.

Walker-Randall said it made her feel very unsettled living on the road, as her daughter frequently caught the bus to school.

She said the road needed to be improved to stop cars parking on both sides of the road.

"I'm sure they could do something, at the very least put in speed bumps or yellow lines."

Another Gowing Drive resident, Melanie Mendoza, did not witness the crash but said people parking on both sides of the narrow road made it tricky to navigate.

She said there was probably one crash a year on the road, including one in which a motorcyclist was killed, but it was otherwise quiet. She once received a letter in her mailbox from a neighbourhood watch group petitioning to put yellow lines on one side of the road to prevent cars parking.

"It is very logical that they would put yellow lines on the road."

The intersection between Gowing Drive and Cruickshank Crescent remains closed while the vehicles are recovered.

A St John spokeswoman said early reports from the scene showed 10 people were injured.

One patient was in a serious condition and had been transported to Auckland City Hospital, while others suffered minor injuries, she said.

The Serious Crash Unit has been notified.

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