Cricket World Cup 2019: Rain forces abandonment of Bangladesh v Sri Lanka

2019-06-11 20:51:35

Bristol already has an unwanted record as a Cricket World Cup venue after rain forced a second game there to be abandoned without a ball bowled.

The Bangladesh-Sri Lanka match was called off by the umpires just before 2pm local time on Tuesday (Wednesday NZT), nearly three hours after the group match was scheduled to start.

The rain didn't stop, and the forecast was no better.

Cricket fans and critics questioned why the games aren't being shifted to other days rather than teams being forced to share points.

"We put men on the moon so why can't we have a reserve day?" Bangladesh coach Steve Rhodes said half-jokingly.

But the International Cricket Council has dismissed the idea of having reserve days for the 45 games in the group stage, saying it would significantly extend an already lengthy tournament and would be logistically difficult for broadcasters and venue managers.

ICC chief executive David Richardson issued a statement in the wake of the Sri Lanka-Bangladesh washout saying there was little organisers could do amid the "extremely unseasonable weather."

"It would impact pitch preparation, team recovery and travel days, accommodation and venue availability, tournament staffing, volunteer and match officials availability, broadcast logistics and very importantly the spectators who in some instances have travelled hours to be at the game," Richardson said.

"There is also no guarantee that the reserve day would be free from rain either."

Sri Lanka have had two games washed out - against Pakistan and Bangladesh in Bristol - and their win over Afghanistan in Cardiff was interrupted by rain.

South Africa and West Indies had to split the points after only 7.3 overs were possible because of rain in Southampton on Monday.

Richardson said some areas of England had experienced 100mm, more than double the average monthly rainfall for June in the last couple of days, a vast change from last year when only 2mm was recorded in the south-east of England in June.

"When a match is affected by weather conditions, the venue team works closely with match officials and ground staff to ensure that we have the best possible opportunity to play cricket, even if it is a reduced overs game."

Five-time champions Australia are set to play Pakistan in Taunton on Wednesday (9.30pm NZT).

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