Motorcyclist in a critical condition after south Christchurch crash

2019-04-15 07:00:59

A motorcyclist and cyclist have died following two separate incidents in the South Island on Saturday.

Emergency services were called to the crash at the intersection of Dyers Pass Rd and Summit Rd, near the Sign of the Kiwi just before 2pm on Saturday.

A police spokeswoman said a man was taken to Christchurch Hospital with critical injuries but died shortly after.

The road was closed shortly after the crash at the intersection of Dyers Pass Rd and Governors Bay Rd. It was set to reopened just after 7pm.

Inquiries into the circumstances of the crash were ongoing, she said.

Former Governor Bay firefighter Lindsay McLeod, who has lived in the settlement for more than 35 years, said dozens of motorcycles passed his Governors Bay home just after 12pm.

He said Dyers Pass Rd was always very busy during the weekends but the "extremely large" group of motorcycles were the most he had ever seen come through the area at one time.

It was unclear if the person who died was associated with this group.

McLeod said although the changes to speed and added road markings in the area had made people more aware, he was still witnessing a lot of dangerous driving.

"I had a near miss incident last month, where somebody came up from the town side and I was heading to work on the Governors Bay side and this car just turned across from in front of me… I would have driven straight into the passenger door if I hadn't stopped in time."

Dyers Pass Rd has been the scene of many accidents. The road, which links Cashmere and Governors Bay, has been the scene of 170 crashes since 2008, resulting in 95 injuries and two deaths.

In April this year, Christchurch City Councillors approved changing the speed limit along the non-residential stretch of the road to 60kmh.

The previous speed limit between Summit Rd and Governors Bay Rd was 100kmh and 70kmh from just above Hackthorne Rd to Summit Rd.

Meanwhile, cyclist Antoni Robert Langtry, 52, from Feilding, died following an accident on the Rameka mountain bike track near the small Tasman town of Takaka just after 2.40pm on Saturday.

A police spokeswoman said Langtry's death had been referred to the coroner.

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