Cop Kevin Burke denies claim by alleged sex assault victim he had tattoo

2019-02-22 00:01:12

Senior cop Kevin Burke has denied a claim by an alleged sex assault victim he had a tattoo on his shoulder.

The detective inspector is on trial at the Auckland High Court, where he denies two counts of indecent assault and two counts of sexual violation against two complainants in 2002 and 2003.

On Friday, Burke, who has elected to take the stand in his own defence, was asked by his defence lawyer Arthur Fairley about an interview he had with police after allegations against him surfaced.

"During the course of the interview, was it in effect suggested to you that [the second complainant] was saying she could identify you with everything off because you had a tattoo on your left shoulder?" said Fairley.

"When you heard that, what was your response?"

"I've never had a tattoo," Burke replied. "I do not personally like tattoos."

Burke took off his shirt during the police interview to show the officers he didn't have a tattoo, the jury was told.

"Have you had any tattoos that were removed?" said Fairley.

Burke said he hadn't.

The second complainant also gave evidence last week, telling the jury she was aged in her 20s and in an abusive relationship when she first met Burke, who was the officer in charge of a case where she was stabbed by her partner.

Burke initially seemed to be compassionate and was her "hero" before he allegedly assaulted her, the woman said.


On Friday, Burke also denied the first complainant's claim he turned up unannounced at her house with beer and wine, a week after she met him to report a crime.

"The dinner had been arranged. [The first complainant] informed me she had a spare room and I could stay the evening," he told the jury.

The pair had dinner together and sat up talking until around midnight or 1am, before Burke headed to bed in the spare room, he said.

He said the complainant then got into bed with him, and they "engaged in some sexual activity".

Asked by Fairley if he had "pushed and pulled" the complainant, Burke said: "That just did not happen at all.

"I'd been invited around there, we'd spent the whole evening talking, we'd had dinner. I'd gone to bed when I realised the time, and she came and hopped in the bed."

The trial continues.

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