New polls show more Kiwis against legalising recreational cannabis

2019-06-10 10:23:43

The majority of Kiwis don't think recreational cannabis should be legalised in New Zealand, two new polls have found.

About 52 per cent of New Zealanders said they intended to vote against legalisation, the latest 1 News Colmar Brunton poll found.

Of those asked in the poll, 39 per cent of people wanted cannabis legalised, 1 News reported. Eight per cent did not know or refused to answer, and 1 per cent said they would not vote.

Those aged between 18-34 and also Green Party supporters were more likely to be in support of legalisation, the poll found.

Those over 55 and also National Party supporters were more likely to vote against legalisation, it found.

More than 1000 people were polled over the phone between June 4 and 8 for the 1 News poll.

A different poll also found that the majority of Kiwis were leaning against the legalisation of the drug.

The separate poll run by Newshub-Reid Research found 48 per cent of people did not agree with legalisation. While 41.7 per cent were in support of it, and 10.4 per cent didn't know, Newshub reported.

During a post-Cabinet media stand up Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was asked about the recent polls, and whether the Government's decision to have a referendum would be impacted.

"The only decision we've taken is to ultimately ask members of the public in the same way that you've asked in your poll," Ardern said.

"The Government has no position on the legalisation of cannabis. Our only position is that we want the public to have their say and to decide on behalf of New Zealand."

About 1000 people took part in the Newshub-Reid Research Poll. Of those, 76.9 per cent of Greens supporters were in favour, 14.5 were opposed, and 8.6 per cent didn't know.

The poll found that just 25.3 per cent of National supporters wanted it legalised, 67.6 per cent were opposed, and 7.1 per cent didn't know.

About 50.4 per cent of Labour supporters were in favour, 37.9 per cent were opposed, and 11.7 per cent didn't know. Newshub reported.

While 44.5 per cent of New Zealand First supporters were for legalisation, 45.3 per cent were against it, and 10.2 per cent said they didn't know.

In May, another different independent survey found that 52 per cent of adults would vote yes in support of legalising cannabis.

The Government announced the details of the 2020 cannabis referendum in March. It's proposed there will be a simple yes/no question for New Zealanders to vote on.

If the public endorsed the legislation it would legalise personal use and make the purchase age 20. It would only allow sale at licensed premises, only allow consumption at licensed premises or property. It would allow limited home-growing and also ban advertising for cannabis products.

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